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Perfect Weight, Happy Life

I found my rhythm, and want to help you find yours.

I'm Astrid. I'm 50 and fabulous!

I'm a single mum to twins. I've had a c-section, and I am comfortable in my own body. My weight has yo-yo'd over the years, but as I approached middle age, I found my old ways of losing weight were no longer helpful.

I gained 18kg when I gave birth to twins, and was determined to get that weight off, so I had to change my habits.

There's no great secret - it involves sensible eating and regular exercise as part of a balanced lifestyle. I still dine out, enjoy a bit of chocolate and live life to the full!

I found my rhythm, and want to help you find yours.

We are all different and that's why I want to help you find YOUR rhythm so you can feel fabulous! No crazy diets, no magic pills.

Whether your goal is to drop a few dress sizes or a few kg's, or just to have more energy, it's all about the body YOU feel comfortable in!

Do you want to lose weight?
Do you want to feel healthier?
With just a few small changes to your lifestyle, YOU CAN ACHIEVE THIS!
The KEY to success is to BE CONSISTENT.

A personalized plan that suits YOUR lifestyle and goals. My programs are based on sensible eating, regular exercise, and plenty of encouragement.
No magic pills - no fad diets
If you COMMIT to this challenge, I guarantee you will FORM BETTER HABITS and see POSITIVE RESULTS in JUST 4 WEEKS!

Establish Eating Habits
We start by looking at exactly what you are eating, how much you are eating and the times of day that you have your meals. From there I will create a personalized meal plan that is designed with you in mind. The idea is to create a sustainable and realistic plan that includes foods you enjoy while gradually reducing your weight. We will look at areas of your diet where you could make healthier swaps, and help you develop healthier eating habits for good.
Adopt A Healthy Lifestyle
The key to achieving your goals is to be consistant. My program is designed to fit around YOU. We will look at your daily routine and create a plan of how you can manage mealtimes better and fit more exercise in to your day. It takes 3 weeks for a new habit to form, and I guarantee that if you stick to your personalized plan then you will start to notice results in just 4 weeks!
Set Health Goals
I'm not going to pressure you to be 'beach-body' perfect. I believe you can be fit and healthy at any shape and size - it is down to YOU to decide what your perfect weight is! Whether you want to slim down, tone up or just feel healthier, I will help you decide what you want to achieve and set some achievable health goals. It is then down to YOU! With consistency and commitment, YOU CAN ACHIEVE RESULTS!